Selkirk Hill 16/2/2019

Results from today’s event on Selkirk Hill are HERE.

My first time planning at Selkirk Hill and a few lessons learned. Having misjudged the time to put out controls I ended up rushing and mixing up two of the controls, knowing how confused I get when I end up finding a control I’m not expecting through being in the wrong place I realise being in the correct place and seeing a wrong number would have really thrown people so apologies for that. Being here later in the winter than usual influenced how I set up the course and with the hillside being more open I tucked one or two controls away a bit however what vegetation that was left was sharp and combined with using convenient bushes to attach gripples onto this led to a few bloodied hands at the finish. The Light Green course was possibly a bit too long and all this led to some being out a bit longer than anticipated, fortunately the weather was kind for February and there was even a lack of mud which made for good running. I did use a new start area and a couple of parts of the hill I hadn’t been to before to give a different challenge for those familiar with the area. I also tried to give a bit of route choice into some of the legs which seemed successful.

It was good to see a healthy turnout with not too many maps left over and a couple of less familiar faces so hopefully they will return for future events. Ian Maxwell took the honours on the Light Green course romping round in just under 30 minutes with Paul McGreal and Sam McKinnon not far behind completing the podium. Stuart Haddon was quickest round the Orange course while Cormac Thomas put in a good time on the Yellow course.

Thanks for all the help, Lindsey beforehand and on the day, Rob on the computer and Ian, Kirsten and Eb for helping collect controls in.

Keith (Planner/Organiser)