Scottish Inter-Club Championships 2013

The second-best small club in Britain has now become the best small club in Scotland after the Inter-Club Championships (SIC) at Balkello, near Dundee on Sunday.

With low entry numbers this year the rules were amended so that only 2 counters were needed for a small club team and with 3 RR’s entered we were at least sure to be in the hunt.  I was extremely surprised though when RR were announced as the winners !  I received a very nice trophy – but I’m biased as it was made in Hawick several years ago by silversmith Hamish Smith and I designed the top.

SIC trophy - 2013

SIC trophy – 2013

In the Scottish Score Championships, which was really the main event of the day, I managed to retain my W50 title against very little opposition, Pauline finished 2nd on W55 and Bill was 5th on M60.  Balkello consists of 3 hills plus a lower section of community woodland but the hills are a bit too heathery for my liking and it was almost impossible to run apart from on the paths.

Results are HERE