Results of Eildon Hills SoSOL

Thanks to everyone for coming along today to sample the Borders on a beautiful sunny day.

The full results are now available on the ESOA website  HERE

Routegadget (draw your route)  HERE

Winsplits are HERE


String course results
Eliza Finney W10 5 mins 48 secs
Jake Finney M8 10 mins 35 secs
Mairi Eades W11 4 mins 45 secs
Fiona Eades W7 11 mins 32 secs
Lucy Reid W11 4 mins 40 secs
James Ackland M14 3 mins 38 sec


Comments from the Planner  (Robert Cranston)

Thank you for supporting Roxburgh Reivers event on the Eildon Hills.  I hope you had an enjoyable run.  If you didn’t enjoy the orienteering I trust the splendid vistas that Eildon Hills offer were some compensation.  It was a pleasure to plan an event on the Eildons.   Thanks are due to Buccleuch Estates for allowing use of their ground for this RR event.

Glancing at the winning times on each of the courses suggests that most of the courses were about right in terms of distance.  The major blip was the orange, where the finishing times were much longer than I intended.  For some on this course the control at the boulder (118) caused problems and this control seemed also to cause difficulty for some on the Green course.  There were mutterings of extra paths and rock features not shown on the map.  I apologise if you feel any map omissions spoiled your run.   I hope also that you didn’t feel there was too much climbing on your course and that there were enough sections of good running.

Brown and Blue course runners ran over ground that had never seen a human foot for many years!  Recent gorse clearing by the Estate has opened up new areas of fast open ground and I tried to utilise these with the choice of some control sites.  I believe the gorse clearing is to continue so this will open up a few new possible legs for future events.

I can’t claim credit for planning the weather that should go to organiser John Tullie!  As ever lots of RR members came out to help on the day and ensured the smooth operation of car-parking, registration, start, finish and all the other myriad of jobs which make up an orienteering event.  Three Reivers deserved particular mention: John Tullie for his meticulous organisation setting up the event and coordinating helpers, Lindsey Knox for all things computerate(?) and Robin Sloan for his great work  trying to ensure the map bore some similarity to the ground it represented.  Robin also helped set out the controls as did Paul McGreal.  John Biggar controlled the event in his usual light and relaxed manner and is always good fun to work with.  At the end of the event I was very grateful for the many who volunteered to collect controls: Paul and Robin(again), Pauline McAdam, Eileen & Ian Maxwell, Carol Boyd, Bill Bruce, James Purves and Keith Murray.