Results from Elibank event

Results from our Elibank event on 20 April 2013 are HERE

Apologies for the hiccup with some splits – a couple of controls (106 and 118) hadn’t been properly programmed for British Summer Time and it appears they also weren’t exactly 60 minutes out.  Each unit has a memory so I’ve been able to adjust the split times accordingly.

Robin adds:

I thought this event might not happen, as the woods were snowbound till 10 days ago, there was a change of landowner low down the hill and there was a wildlife issue, which I’m not supposed to tell you about.

So it was good to see such animated disussion at the finish, and well done to everyone for coping with the area’s technicalities so well. Andrew and Amjad – those two hills were legally close together, one control “On top” the other “North side”, but easy to confuse, especially if running head to head.

Hope you can make it to Tweedbank on Monday – I’ll bring a projector to show the courses, and we can discuss different ways of tackling them.

Thanks for coming, and especially thanks to Rob and Lindsey for their help.