SOL2 Mill of Fortune

Photo: Lindsey Knox on her way to victory at SOL2On a drizzly, but not cold, day there were two wins for Reivers at SOL 2 held at Mill of Fortune near Comrie on Sunday. The forest was wet and grotty in places with lots of windblow, although the longer courses visited the nicer semi open areas at each end of the map. Andrew Tullie won JM5L finishing less than a minute behind Dad John running the same course.  John finished 2nd on M45L despite leading Martin Dean in the early part of the race.  Ian Maxwell was 10th on M45L with the slow terrain probably not his favourite.

Lindsey Knox won a very physical W45L making it two in a row but the split times show how close it could have been with everyone making mistakes.  With Karen Maxwell sending in a sick note we only had two junior girls competing with Kirstin Maxwell finishing 3rd on JW4 and Sarah Tullie in 8th place on the same course.  Bill Bruce and Douglas Henderson were both 4th on their respective classes, and Fiona Forrest, up from “down south”, was 2nd on W21L.    

Robin Sloan controlled the event and was spotted lurking behind a tree taking photos so hopefully he’s got a few worth publishing on the Reivers website.