O Ringen report from Fiona Forrest

O-Ringen 2010

This annual event was held in mid July in the central Swedish town of Orebro.  Lying on the shores of Lake Hjalmaren, Orebro is located on the banks of the River Svatan and has a fortified castle forming a magnificent backdrop.

Over 11,000 competitors needed to be transported to the events each day, a task which never fails to impress. Generally the weather was wet with the campsite becoming a mud field and new mud trails forming in the forests. Luckily some people were staying in a hotel   🙂

The terrain was described as mature coniferous / pine forest with detailed rocky ground, typical of Swedish forests.  Runnability was good.

Three Roxburgh Reivers took part. Sarah finished a very creditable 11th in D18L and Karen finished in the top half of a very large entry in D15. In D35L I was first non-Scandinavian but this was nearer the bottom of the class results.

It was an enjoyable week of orienteering, testing navigational skills.  It was my first orienteering event since Easter (due to an ankle fracture) and was good to be back.

Fiona Forrest.