Lanton 25/4/15

Results from Lanton are HERE

I agreed to do this on the 9th of March fresh from a trip to Spain and thinking then that the end of April was a long way off. What I wasn’t prepared for was the concentration of orienteering which has taken up nearly every weekend between the two dates. Still we made it and I use “we” because of the help that I had from so many people.

Thanks, firstly, to Ian Maxwell, who sorted out permission and checked out parking and access. Thanks to Lindsey for course and computer advice, for helping put out controls on the day and then being around to help throughout the event. I hope those on the Orange and Light Green courses appreciated her efforts to provide you with a way through the trees. Thanks also to Eileen Maxwell for volunteering to bring extra equipment along early on Saturday morning and then helping to put out controls before running home, then reviving me with coffee and cake when I returned everything after the event.  Many thanks to those who brought in controls: Rob, Keith, Ian and Lindsey.

Finally, thank you all for taking part and saying you enjoyed it. Parts of Lanton are good to run through but some parts are tough.
On balance, I think that’s true of most of the forests where I’ve orienteered recently.