Hirsel results 1/5/18

The results of this evenings event at The Hirsel are below.  I still need to see why the timing went wonky for some people but it appears that at 6pm the timing somewhere changed from 18:00 to 6:00 giving an 11 hour minus time for those affected. Still to be investigated so that it doesn’t happen again.  You may or may not see splits, depending on how I get on. 

1Ian MaxwellM55RRSprint00:17:33
2Barry VeitchM45RRSprint00:18:07
3Paul McGrealM45RRSprint00:20:49
4Andrew ArmstrongM60RRSprint00:21:44
5Tim DarlowM40RRSprint00:21:55
6Mike JohnstonM45RRSprint00:22:08
7Lindsey KnoxW55RRSprint00:23:15
8Pauline McAdamW60RRSprint00:26:04
9Kate DarlowW40RRSprint00:26:59
10Robert CranstonM50RRSprint00:27:52
11Ellie DarlowW12RRSprint00:28:45
12Fiona JohnstonW55RRSprint00:34:36
13Judith PurvesW45RRSprint00:40:20
14Ian StewartM45KelsoSprint00:58:37
15David PattersonM50RRSprint01:00:54
1Seb DarlowM8RRYellow +00:19:30
dnfGed SmithM55RRSprint00:58:00m4 m16

Next event is at Heronhill, Hawick.  Starts from 6 – 6:30pm as usual.  See the Events link for full details.