Gala Hill event, Saturday October 9th

Gala Hill 9th October 2010

Gala Hill is a much maligned area possibly due to its proximity to Gala where some of the inhabitants manage to litter lovely woodland with burnt-out cars and remnants of boozy barbecues. Despite this, it’s always a pleasure to plan here and, as Robin said, it’s a map that is worth tidying up. Although we realised at the last moment that it was half term, we were delighted to see several new faces including 4 EUOC members who tackled the orange with a twist and 3 Gala Harriers who seemed to enjoy themselves- running with a purpose?! Many thanks to Robin and Rob for help in putting out controls and Lindsey for once again producing splendid maps. Over to Rob to continue the series at Bowmont on 6th November.

Judy McNeilly, Organiser

Name                              Course               Time

Angela Scott                    yellow            24min
Edmund, Cathy              orange            56min
Catriona Rooney
Paul Morris                     orange
Iolo Roberts                   orange            30min

Alasdair McLeod         orange with a twist
Huw Stradling               orange with a twist
James Lyne                    orange with a twist
Francis O’Reilly           orange with a twist
Ian Maxwell                  orange with a twist
Eileen Maxwell            orange with a twist

Fiona Forrest               orange and yellow