Boxing Day Fun + Social

All members are invited to Hawick for the club’s annual Boxing Day  Extravaganza.  We’ll be using Wiltondean Village Hall as usual and some sort of competitive orienteering run round Wilton Park will be followed by cups of tea and buns in the hall (depending on what you all bring with you !).

Date:  Monday 26 December 2011.

Time:  The Hall will be open from 11am, with a mass-start at 11:30am.

Where:  Wiltondean Village Hall, Hawick.  Map HERE

Format of competition:  I’ve had a bit of a brainwave and I’m feeling quite smug !  30 minutes to run about collecting as many controls as you can.  The exact scoring will be explained on the day and luck will play a large part in the final outcome, although I think the faster runners might be able to improve their luck slightly by clearing the course.  Apart from the navigating part no brainwork required, suitable for all ages and abilities.  You don’t need to bring a pen, just your SI dibber (or borrow one on the day).

Important: To help print the correct number of maps could you email me if you intend coming along.