SOL1 – Drumlanrig Castle

The Scottish Orienteering League kicked off again on Sunday at Drumlanrig Castle and, being relatively close to home, Reivers were out in force and came away with a plethora of top 4 placings.

Making a better start to 2008 than she did in 2007, Lindsey Knox had a clear victory in W45L and Jim also had a “not bad run” to win course 8 by a mile. Sarah Tullie took a good 2nd place on JW5S and Ian Maxwell’s calf injury is improving so he managed an easy 2nd on M45S despite making the same cockup on parallel paths that he made the last time at Drumlanrig.

Finishing in 3rd were: Douglas Henderson on a very competitive M55L course, Karen Maxwell on JW4, Kirstin Maxwell on JW5L, Carol Boyd on W35S and Eileen Maxwell on W45S. In 4th were Bill Bruce M55S and Fiona Forrest

W21L. Andrew Armstrong was 9th on M50L which had the largest entry of all the age classes.

All these excellent results bode well for our CompassSport Trophy match on 16 March but we’ll be missing a few key players so a good turnout is required as we need to cover all colours from Orange to Brown. Remember every point is crucial, and other clubs will have the same BUSA clash and injured members that we have. Unfortunately RR team captain John T came off worse in a knee kicking contest with a coo last week and is currently crocked, but he’ll be issuing team instructions in due course.

Full results are here