Scottish Championships weekend

It was warm, the sun shone for most of the weekend and Douglas Tullie emerged as our only Scottish Individual Champion, winning M18A comfortably with Andrew Tullie taking 4th in the same class.  John Tullie and Kirstin Maxwell both finished in the frame, taking 3rd on M45L and W14A, although Kirstin was pushed all the way by Sarah Tullie who had her best run of the season finishing only 24 seconds further back in 4th place.

Photo:Douglas Tullie, Scottish Champion M18AJim Knox had a tentative 2nd place jog round his M55S course and emerged with stiff legs but no lasting damage. Douglas Henderson had a slightly below average run to take 10th on M55L – “I never do well in Deeside forests!”, and Ian Maxwell was 17th on M45L.

Karen Maxwell finished more or less as expected in 6th place, her first year in W12A.  Eileen Maxwell had a steady run round W40S for 6th place, and Lindsey Knox on W45L also finished 6th having blown her championships lead with a major error near the finish.

Photo:Scottish Champs 2006The Relays at Bogendreip unfortunately ended in controversy when it became clear during the prizegiving that the calculations were wrong.  The Emit punching system obviously doesn’t have a proper relay programme the way Sportident does, and the calculations made on the day were seriously flawed.  No results, of any kind, were displayed on the day but the organisers hope to issue official results with corrected times on Monday.  Apart from that, The Tullie team of John, Douglas and Andrew reckon they won the Handicap class, and James Tullie was part of the EUOC team who finished 2nd in the Men’s Open. No-one else has a clue about their results !  Other snippets – Kirstin Maxwell tripped in full view of everyone on the run-out at the start of her leg and was black-affronted, the new club flag was aired, and the home-made muffins on sale were superb.