Scottish Championships 2008

John Tullie with his trophy

John Tullie with his trophy

John Tullie finally got his hands on a Scottish Individual trophy, comfortably winning M50L on Saturday. He was (is!) chuffed. Eileen also had a cracking run to win W45S and was chuffed too. Carol got in the frame with a 2nd place on W35S, and Jim was 3rd on M60S. James didn’t get “on the podium” but his 4th on M21 Elite was a great run considering his recent injury.

Best result among the younger members was Kirstin’s 3rd place in W16A.

We had 4 teams in the relays and managed some very respectable results. John, Lindsey and Robin were 1st in the H15 class. Ian, Jim and Andrew were 7th in the H12 class. Rob, Eileen and Carol finished 4th in the H15 class but were n/c due to being too young. The junior team of Sarah, Karen and Kirstin were 5th in the -48 class and first all-girl team.

Results are here.

The weather was brilliant, the scenery spectacular and Day 3 of Tay 2009 at the same venue will hopefully be just as good. We’ll have late starts that day so the bracken should be nicely battered down.