Reign in Spain

Lindsey and Jim spent last weekend competing in the Trofeo Costa Calida in Spain, the 3rd time they’ve run in the competition. This year’s event was held about 15 miles from where Lindsey’s parents currently live so the digs were quite handy.

Having won for the previous 2 years Lindsey was quite keen to win again but the competition looked a bit tougher with some of the good W40’s from 2006 moving up, then Lindsey acquired another coughing bug on the day they flew out!

The warm up jog to the start on Day 1 confirmed that tactics would need to be accuracy rather than speed for Lindsey, Jim would just be doing his own brand of jogging and fast walking (he escaped feeling poorly until after the event). The area proved to be quite rocky and scrubby but a clean round for Lindsey meant a surprise winning lead of 16 minutes ! Jim finished in 12th on M55, with no A and B categories.

Day 2 is a chasing start on a short course and with a 16 minute lead Lindsey knew a safe round would bag it. 34 minutes for 2.6k was good enough to win the day by 2 minutes for an overall win by 18 minutes. Jim pulled up a place to 11th and was quite pleased with his run.

The weather was into the 20’s both days, the scenery spectacular, the organisation friendly and efficient. Jim likes the unlimited free coke, fanta and cereal bars. The splits reveal what we’ve seen in the past – the Spanish W45’s are prone to blowing their runs with one or two huge errors otherwise the times would have been much closer.

Lindsey with her trophy