Winter Series 1 and RR AGM – Selkirk

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17/01/2015 @ 12:00 pm – 12:15 pm Europe/London Timezone
Selkirk Hill, Selkirk
See below
Lindsey Knox
01450 377383

Venue is Selkirk Hill with Parking (and later on the AGM) at the Argus Centre, Goslawdales, Selkirk.

3 courses available:  Yellow  2.1km,     Orange 2.7km,   Club Champs and Open handicap of between about 2.2km and 4.5km

Registration at 12 noon for club members and non-club members.  Mass start at 12:30 for everyone. Club members £3/£1, non members £3.50/£1.50.  Families a maximum of £6

The AGM will follow on as soon as everyone is finished, the controls are collected in and we’ve had something to eat.  Catering will be by the juniors as a fund-raiser for their World Schools trip to Turkey in April – soup and bread £3, pudding £1.50.  Please support them by running about a lot and working up an appetite !  Bridget will also have ceilidh tickets to sell, one of their other fund-raisers.

Massed Start Handicapped Course, RR Club Championships:

The Club Championships will be run as a Massed Start Handicap event. Non-club members are welcome to compete and it would be useful if everyone could let me know in advance if you plan to come, to ensure we have sufficient maps.

The number of controls you have to visit depends on a handicap system. The winner will be the fastest to return to the finish having visited the correct number of controls.  The table of handicaps is published HERE

It’s important that everyone on the handicap course understands the rules and to save time I’ve added a sample map below, a change from normal formats due to the small size of Selkirk Hill.

There will be 21 controls and each competitor will be told how many they need to collect, the aim being for everyone to finish at about the same time.   10 controls are coloured in Purple, 11 controls in Black – you need to collect your allocated number by completing 1 block of each colour, in any combination you want to.  If your target is 12 you could do say 6 of each colour, or 2 and 10, or 8 and 4 etc….

You don’t need to go back to the Start at any point. Importantly you must do a block of one colour then change to the other colour, any controls not in a same-colour block will be discounted.

If anything isn’t clear please please ask either by emailing me or posting on the RR Facebook page to share with the others.