Spring Sprint 3: Jedburgh Town

11/05/2022 @ 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Ian Maxwell

Sprint 3: Jedburgh town

Parking:  In the main car park off the A68 with Registration in the car park shown on the map next to the Town Hall. (Please do not park in this car park.)

Courses:  Yellow and Sprint (winning time about 12-15 minutes. 1.9k).

Map scale:  1:4000 Urban map

Starts:  6:30 – 7pm.  Course closes at 7:30pm

Entry fees:  Senior members £3, Junior members £1.50,  Non-members +50p.  Hire contactless dibbers +50p per race.  Closing date for entries 3/5/22.  Late entries should email the Organiser.

Series entry form:  https://forms.gle/TyWcjzzJepTFNLoHA

Clothing:   Shorts may be worn, there should be no areas with undergrowth on the courses.

Terrain notes:  This event is on urban terrain and although the whole of Jedburgh currently has a speed restriction of 20 mph care must be taken when crossing roads or car parks. The main A68 and one other road are out of bounds for the race and must not be crossed. (they are marked as out of bounds on the maps). You can cross the A68 by any of the 4 underpasses shown on the map or run on the pavements along the side of this and the other road shown as out of bounds. Anyone seen crossing the A68 (other than by the underpasses) or taking an improbable leg time will be excluded,

Final information:  All the information you need will be here – let’s keep things simple !