Scottish Score Championships – Elibank

25/11/2018 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Elibank Forest, near Walkerburn
Robert Cranston

Final details @ 19/11/2018.  Amended 24//11/2018

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Scottish Score Championships

Elibank Forest

Sunday 25 November 2018

Travel:  Entry to the forest is at grid reference NT403 362. The event will be signposted from the A72 in Walkerburn.  The entrance to the forest is 3.2 miles from Walkerburn.

Parking:Parking is on forest tracks near the Assembly area/Registration.  Parking is limited, please car share if you can. Please email the organiser if you are travelling by mini-bus or campervan. Traffic in and out is on the same forest track with very few passing places so you must arrive at the entrance to the forest no later than 12:20 and cannot exit before 12:30.

Toilets:Very limited.  Near Assembly.  There are public toilets at Innerleithen en route to the event (30p)

Assembly/ Registration:At the field archery area. Registration opens from 10:15am


  • EOD Seniors £11 while maps are available
  • EOD Juniors/Student £6 while maps are available
  • Orange £5 for all dates, while maps are available.

Online entries closed at midnight on Sunday 18 November 2018, only EOD now available.

Maps available for EOD:  5 x 70 minute, 14 x 60 minute, 5 x 40 minute, 1 x Orange.

Start: Walk of 200m uphill from the Assembly area. About 5 minutes.  Call up at -3 minutes.  Loose control descriptions available at start.  Punching starts.

Starts from 11am to 1pm.  Allocated start times for all 60 and 70 minute competitors apart from helpers and parents with split starts.

Loose control descriptions size:

The Orange control descriptions are 9cm long, 40-minute 13cm long, 60-minute 18.5cm and 70-minute 16.5cm (the latter in a smaller font but easily readable for young eyes ! )

Finish: Close to the Start.  There will be a walk of 200m downhill back to the Assembly area. Remember to download.  Courses close at 2:20pm.

Timing:   Contactless Sportident timing will be used (SIAC).   A limited number of SIAC dibbers available for hire at a cost of £2.50 (£60 charge if lost).  Non-SIAC dibbers also available at no hire cost (£30 charge if lost).

SIAC dibbers:  Important – the Start and Finish need dibbed as normal, they aren’t SIAC-enabled.



Course Classes Points available
70 minute time limit M20-35 and W21 670
60 minute time limit M/W16, M/W18, W20, W35+, M/ W 40+ 560
40 minute time limit M/W14- 350

If you finish outwith your time limit a penalty will be deducted from your score of 1 point for every 5 seconds late (i.e. 12 points per minute).

Standard Orange course also available.

Sorry, no string course.


Elibank is a hilly mixture of mature coniferous and beech forest with areas of contour detail and varied runnability.  The bracken is dying back but unless we get a cold or wet spell this week it’s going to slow you down in places. Be aware that there are many unmapped extraction lanes in places, some bits of windblow, and there are a couple of areas which must be avoided due to ongoing thinning.  You must also avoid the public road and the out of bounds area marked around the house near the ruined castle. Mountain bike tracks that were obvious on 16 November have been mapped but be alert to new ones that won’t be mapped.

Map:  1:10,000 with 5m contours, ISOM 2017.  Waterproof paper.  Maps will show control number and points value e.g.  101 (20). Control descriptions are in numerical order.


Some routes may cross the forest road where cars are parked, runners must be wary when emerging from the forest onto the track. Drivers please proceed slowly and carefully.

Elibank is a working forest and there may be timber stacked at certain places in the forest. Please do not climb on these.

Ticks- please check for these after your run.

The forest is sheltered but if the weather is very poor waterproof tops may be required to be carried.

During your run you may encounter a few other forest users, such as walkers and mountain-bikers.

If you are travelling alone you can leave your car keys with registration.

Prize-giving: There will be a prize-giving at around 2:15 pm in the Assembly Area.  If you have a trophy to return please bring to the registration area.