RR Urban Double Sprint

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25/02/2018 @ 11:00 am – 11:00 am Europe/London Timezone
Tweedbank & Melrose
Ian Maxwell

Tweedbank and Melrose:

Final details can be downloaded HERE

Note:  start times will be published this evening.

Important stuff

1.  The Melrose race is  a 2k walk/jog each way to the Start/Finish.  You could also get a bus each way, or cycle. Provision has been made for limited parking in Melrose for those who feel they are unable to make the 2km each-way walk (e.g. older competitors or those with children).

2.  The Young Junior races (Course 7) will both take place in Tweedbank.

3.  Melrose Start times are from 11am – 12 noon.  Tweedbank Start times from 1-2pm.

4.  The Tweedbank race Start/Finish are close to the Arena.

5.  Junior races are Urban, with timed-out road crossings where appropriate.

6.  You can’t just enter one of the races.

7.  You must do the same class for both races.

8.  Entries via  Si Entries.  Controls will be Si Air-enabled.

An exciting new format for RR – two urban sprints in one day, combined time for the two events will determine the winners. Full range of courses including juniors. Ample car parking or why not take the train on the scenic journey from Edinburgh to Tweedbank Station from where it’s a short walk to the Arena. Both events are within walking distance of the Arena.

Tweedbank has a good mixture of “new town” streets and alleyways with light traffic. Melrose is a more traditional small town, all centred round The Greenyards, home of the Melrose 7’s rugby tournament every April  (for rugby fans, the event is the day after the Calcutta Cup match at Murrayfield so you could make a weekend of it). Magnificent views of the surrounding area from the Eildon Hills. Plenty of cafes nearby as well as Abbotsford House, home of Sir Walter Scott.

Arena: The Arena is at Tweedbank Sports Complex where you will find the event admin, changing rooms and toilets.

Maps: Both maps are at 1:4000 with circles and lines cut appropriately, and the printing sympathetic to colour blind competitors.

Tweedbank was used for our 2013 SOUL and has an updated map: Routegadget  HERE For some reason, apart from Course 1, the courses and maps don’t match – possibly corrupted in the move from Routegadget to RG2. Courses 2,3,4,5,6,7 are actually Courses 4,5,2,3,4,5.  Melrose has been mapped more recently and only used for a couple of small club events, so not on Routegadget.

Sample of Melrose map:

Timing:  Sportident will be used with Si Air enabled.  Competitors without SIAC’s will be able to hire them from us.  All other Sportident dibbers can still be used, just “dib” as normal.  Note that any hired dibbers that are lost will be charged to you – £60 for SIAC, £30 for normal Si-dibber.

Courses:  A full range of urban league courses are available.  You may enter any course you wish but for UK and Scottish Urban League points you must do the course specified for your age class, see table below. Your combined total time for the two races will determine position and therefore points in the UKUL and SOUL.

You can’t enter just one of the races, and you must do the same class for both races. BOF members will, however, get separate ranking points for each race.  Winning times planned to be approx. 12-15 minutes.  The following course lengths are straight-line measurements so you will cover considerably more than quoted.

CourseUKUL and SOUL Age ClassesOpen CoursesMelrose Course lengths:
Tweedbank Course lengths:
1 - 2pm
Course 1Open Men2.6km 40m2.6km 50m
Course 2Veteran Men 40+, Open WomenOpen 22.5km 35m2.3km 45m
Course 3Super Veteran Men 55+, Veteran Women 40+Open 32.2km 30m2.0km 35m
Course 4Ultravet Men 65+, Supervet Women W55+Open 41.9km 25m1.8km 25m
Course 5Hypervet Men 75+, Ultravet Women 65+, Hypervet Women 75+Open 51.8km 20m1.5km 30m
Course 6Junior Men 16-, Junior Women 16-Open 62.1km 35m1.9km 20m
Course 7Young Junior Men 12-, Young Junior Women 12-Open 71.0 km 0m (Tweedbank)1.2km 5m

Entries:  Entry fees:  £12 BOF Seniors, £6 BOF Juniors/Students.  Non-BOF members an additonal £2 for Seniors, £1 for Juniors/Students.  Maps have been ordered and entries can still be made via Si Entries while stocks last.

Entries are on Si Entries.   HERE    Queries to entries@roxburghreivers.org.uk

Planner: Kirstin Maxwell RR

Organisers:  Ian Maxwell and Robin Sloan (RR)

Controller:  Ian Pyrah (ESOC)