Local event, Club Championships and AGM

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18/01/2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Gala Policies

The 2020 Club Championships will be held at Gala Policies on 18 January followed by our AGM in Tweedbank Community Centre. 

Open to everyone, not just club members.

Parking and Registration
Registration will be near the Galashiels Swimming Pool, TD1 1DQ, at the end of Livingstone Place. Park on the streets, but please avoid the Swimming Pool car park. There will not be any signposting. Cars can also be parked near the southern entrance to Galashiels Academy and Scott Park on Elm Row. From Elm Row walk through to the north end of the park.

Entry fees:
Senior members £3.50, Juniors £1.50. Non-members £4 and £2. Families a maximum of £8.

             Easy Orange. Suitable for juniors , and those who want an easy course.

             Massed Start Handicap Score  Everyone starts at the same time – 12 noon – but the number of controls to be visited depends on your handicap. For RR club members, this is the Club Championships, but anyone else is welcome to take part. If you are not an RR member, please let the organiser know you are coming so there will be enough maps and we can allocate a handicap number. There will be 2 maps. There will be 8 controls on the first map. All competitors must visit all 8 controls in any order before returning to the Start to pick up the second map. Competitors need only visit enough controls on the second map to meet their total handicap requirement. For example if you have to collect 15 controls in total you will only need to visit 7 controls of your choice, in any order, on the second map. You will NOT need to punch the Start again when you pick up your second map. The winner will be the fastest to return to the finish having visited the correct number of controls on the second map.

Handicaps are shown further below

The version of the map we are using  is at a scale of 1:4000, and was last updated in 2018. 

Terrain: Gala Policies is popular with dog walkers and there is a good network of paths. Much of the area is runnable woodland, but in places, there are many thickets of rhododendron. There is a small unfenced pond, so younger juniors should be advised of this hazard. 

Massed Start Score Course: Make sure you double check that you have visited the correct number of controls before heading to the finish!

Note about Orange course: this is an easy course, but some controls may be near, but not on, line features.

Please make sure you are registered and ready to walk to the start as a group at 11.45. The Massed Start event will start at 12.00, with the Orange course immediately after,

The finish will be quite near the Start. Please remember that even if you do not do the correct number of controls, you must punch the Finish unit.


Handicaps are based on an analysis of the BOF ranking lists plus somne adjustment for recent performance in local RR events.

Name Controls
Douglas Tullie 20
Rebecca Harding 19
Ian Maxwell 19
Kirstin Maxwell 19
Sam McKinnon 19
Rachel Sullivan 19
John Tullie 19
Barry Veitch 19
Robert Cranston 18
Tim Darlow 18
Fiona Forrest 18
Mike Johnston 18
Faisal Khursheed 18
Lindsey Knox 18
Eileen Maxwell 18
Sarah McAdam 18
Paul McGreal 18
Eb Rooney 18
Craig Scott 18
Robin Sloan 18
Andrew Armstrong 17
Bill Bruce 17
Ellie Darlow 17
Kate Darlow 17
Douglas Henderson 17
Yousuf Khursheed 17
Karen Maxwell 17
Pauline McAdam 17
Keith Murray 17
James Purves 17
Quin Arthur 16
Fiona Johnston 16
Myra McAdam 16
Cathy Rooney 16
Ian Stewart 16
Seb Darlow 15
Ken Horne 15
Bridget Khursheed 15
Judith Purves 15
Max Arthur 14
Kara Begley 14
Lynne Bogle 14
David Patterson 14
Duncan Shiell 14
Ged Smith 14
Caroline Tullie 14
Sandy McLaren 13
Donald Wallace 13
Anne Campbell 12
Susan Shiell 11

Roxburgh Reivers AGM

Immediately following the Event, the Roxburgh Reivers AGM will take place at Tweedbank Community Centre. As soon as you have recovered from your run, please make your way to the Hall, Essenside Dr, Tweedbank, Galashiels TD1 3RT. Parking is limited, so please be considerate to local residents. For eats before the meeting, there are kitchen facilities and hot water. The AGM will start at 2.30pm.

Organiser: Duncan Shiell: dshiell721@btinternet.com Tel: 01835 862467