Boxing Day MapRun

26/12/2020 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
Lindsey Knox

24/12/20:  One map covers both courses – download it HERE .  I think  you’ll need to download the file then re-open it to print otherwise it doesn’t print to the correct scale.  Remember to download the correct course onto mapRun – either Score (plain and simple) or Scatter (with Twist).


This year will be a MapRun activity at Selkirk Hill.  You’ll need the MapRunF App on a smartphone (see instructions HERE) or, if you prefer, you can just get the map and self-time your run, bearing in mind there will be no physical controls.  It’s open to everyone who is allowed at that date e i.e. abiding with any travel restrictions, tiers, bubbles etc. and you still need to observe the 2m social distancing rule.  You must not attend if you or anyone in your household has any Covid symptoms, or has no symptoms but has been requested to self-isolate.

Christmas Eve:  A PDF of the 2 courses will be available to download from this website in the morning.
Christmas Day:  The 2 courses will appear on the MapRun app at 5pm (if I’ve programmed them correctly !).  Open the App, Select Event – UK – Scotland – Borders – Roxburgh Reivers – Selkirk Hill Score or Selkirk Hill Scatter (which will include the Twist).
Boxing Day:  Between 12 and 12:30 I will be at the shelter to hand out maps to those folk who asked for one plus the instructions for the course with the additional twist 🙂  If you can’t make that 30 minute slot I’m happy to text anyone the Twist instructions but not before you get to the shelter. My phone number is on the PDF files.
Boxing Day afternoon:  Anyone who ran a course but just self-timed and didn’t use the MapRun app is asked to complete a short form with their name and contact phone number (for NHS Test & Protect purposes). Link is HERE

Meeting place:  Meet at the Shelter in the middle of the Selkirk Hill map.  Link HERE
Maps:  If you want a proper printed map you need to collect it from me at the shelter between 12 noon and 12:30, otherwise you’ll have to print your own or just use your phone.
Updated Map:  Yes, we have a new version of the map !  Paths have been moved into the correct place and some new features added.  On rough open areas with about 25-50% trees I’ve added a new screen of white dots which you can give me feedback on after your run.
Course/s:   Two courses will be available using the same 30 controls as this is the 30th anniversary of our Boxing Day get-togethers.  One is a straightforward 30 minute Score event, the Twist is a Scatter course and has additional instructions which will be revealed to you between 12 and 12:30 at the Shelter (or by text).
Cost:  Free.
Parking:  Nothing formal.  Choice of the small car park at the north end of the map, some spaces on the Selkirk/St Boswells road in the middle of the golf course, or the Argus Centre.
Start/Finish: Start and Finish are separate but close by the Shelter.
Using the MapRunF App: The best option is to turn up the volume on your phone as high as possible so that you hear it beeping at each control.  You don’t have to visit the centre of the control circle, just listen for the beep and move on. Don’t go anywhere near the Finish until you really want to finish otherwise the App will beep and register you as finishing.
Clothing/Covid etc:  Come ready to run, don’t leave anything in the Shelter or it’s liable to disappear. You can exchange a few pleasantries with others but keep your distance and don’t linger too long at the Shelter.  Bring your own mask and/or sanitiser if you wish to, none provided by the club.