Bowmont, Club Champs 2018 and Score/ Yellow

The full results of today’s event at Bowmont are HERE and the Club Championships, taking into account the handicap, are below.  The big turnout was good to see, and I hope you all enjoyed your runs. Well done to Ellie on taking the trophy, and also well done to Catherine who just missed out on a podium place by 1 second.  I think this was both girls first score-type event and they fared better than some adults, but no names mentioned !

The forest is undergoing a large thinning programme and will only get better with age.  The older ones among you will already see an improvement on previous years.

Lindsey (Organiser/Planner)

PositionName and target scoreCategoryActual ScoreCourse
1Ellie Darlow 10W1210Champs00:25:54
2John Tullie 17M6017Champs00:27:57
3Ian Maxwell 17M5517Champs00:29:25
4Catherine Baker 10W1410Champs00:29:26
5Rachel Sullivan 16W4016Champs00:30:51
6Keith Murray 16M5516Champs00:31:13
7Judith Purves 11W4511Champs00:31:54
8Sam McKinnon 16M1816Champs00:32:00
9Kirstin Maxwell 18W2118Champs00:33:22
10Susan Shiell 9W659Champs00:33:42
11Lynne Bogle 12W5012Champs00:34:07
12Robin Sloan 15M7015Champs00:35:08
13Duncan Shiell 11M7011Champs00:35:15
14Barry Veitch 16M4516Champs00:35:17
15Paul McGreal 16M4516Champs00:36:20
16Eileen Maxwell 14W5514Champs00:36:33
17Cathy Rooney 12W5512Champs00:36:53
18Robert Cranston 15M5015Champs00:37:03
19Kate Grimsditch 10W4010Champs00:38:31
20Eb Rooney 16M5516Champs00:38:34
21Fiona Johnston 11W5511Champs00:42:44
22James Purves 15M6015Champs00:50:08
23Mike Johnston 16M4516Champs00:50:30
dnfTim Darlow 16M4015Champs00:33:531 short
dnfGed Smith 12M557Champs01:10:53A few short