CompassSport Cup 2007

The weather forecast was for high winds and snow, and a warning of possible cancellation was posted.  On the day however only Carol and Douglas H found any real snow as they crossed the border from Englandshire.  At Pitmedden the sun shone for most of the time but there was a bitterly strong wind so there was little incentive to stand and blether.

There was a catalogue of minor cock-ups by some RR’s, some even before they had started.  Andrew A mislaid his dibber, hired a fresh one then found his own in his jacket sleeve.  John didn’t bring the right socks then picked up the wrong map at the Start losing several minutes.  Carol mispunched and was gutted but luckily it didn’t cost us a place in the final.

The results are here.  The team score was 1192 points, only 61 points behind FVO and 20 points behind ESOC.  If Carol hadn’t mispunched she would have scored 74 points and we would have Won !   Well actually 2 FVO’s also mispunched so there are a few “if onlys”.  Anyway, FVO, ESOC and ourselves are in the final which is being held near Mansfield, Nottingham on 14 October.  John will be in touch nearer the time.  Well done everyone.