Gala Policies 18/1/20 (Incl. Club Champs)

Thanks to everyone who came along today for the Club Championships and Open Orange course. The Championship results in winning order are below, and the splits are at this link:

Douglas TullieM21RR00:24:361200
John TullieM60RR00:28:102190
Rebecca HardingW21RR00:30:143190
Mike JohnstonM45RR00:30:374180
Keith MurrayM55RR00:32:425170
Ellie DarlowW14RR00:33:016170
James PurvesM60RR00:34:477170
Robin SloanM70RR00:34:53n/c170
Edmund RooneyM55RR00:34:588180
Lindsey KnoxW60RR00:35:129180
Robert CranstonM55RR00:36:3710180
Andrew ArmstrongM60RR00:39:4711170
Pauline McAdamW65RR00:40:3212170
Lynne BogleW50RR00:40:4313140
Judith PurvesW45RR00:42:2414150
Bridget KhursheedW55RR00:42:3115150
Catherine RooneyW60RR00:43:251680
Fiona JohnstonW60RR00:44:2517160
Kate DarlowW40RR00:46:4018170
David PattersonM55RR01:19:1019160

Results from Bowmont 7/12/19

The results from today’s event at Bowmont are HERE

Thank you to all those who came along to Bowmont today. It was a lovely day to be out and I certainly enjoyed my trip around the forest placing the controls, beginning not long after sunrise. Judging from the comments at the finish I think all enjoyed their runs around the muddy grid of paths. It was great to see a few new faces and also newcomers returning for a second outing.

I also enjoyed comparing the variations in routes on the Score. The 30 minute time limit meant there wasn’t much time for dithering and I planned the Score so that it would be difficult to get around all of the controls within the time allowed. Well done to John for being the most efficient in hoovering up the highest score within the time allowance. James actually collected the most points but his ambitions were greater than his time keeping…..

As ever, organising the event was a Reivers team effort. Thanks again to Lindsey for setting up and running registration / download and to Pauline, Robin, John, Keith, Eb and James for collecting in controls and dismantling the start /finish. And all just in time to get to the Club Christmas Lunch which was excellent.


p.s. thanks too to Robin for organising the club’s 50th birthday cake.

the cake
Andrew cutting the cake
more cake …
even more cake….

Results of Night Event 3 at Selkirk Hill 27/11/19

Results are HERE

Planners comments: Selkirk Hill is a funny kind of place – we all know it well enough that we’ve probably visited every decent control site ! So it’s tricky to do something new, and make it challenging. On reflection, that was probably a bit more technical than was strictly necessary for a night event, though that said, every control was on or near a path, and there were always path options to connect them. I tried to tempt you into taking cross country choices rather than ‘round the paths’, and tried to give you route choice decisions to make. In order to make the most of the complex pitted area, the course had a LOT of controls – but I felt that was necessary to prevent it being a simple fly-through on the larger paths. I suspect patience, keeping it slow and steady and really drilling down into the detail and always knowing where you were was what worked. Maybe ask Ellie what the secret was !

Thanks to everyone for coming on what turned out to be a pretty miserable and damp evening !


Darnick & Shunters Wud results 13/11/19

The results from this evening’s night event are HERE

Thanks for a great turnout for the first of the Sprints, even the weather was kind after the previous few days of wet murk. Impressive running from Ian, not sure he could have done much better in daylight, (although there was a full moon). Great run also from Ellie with fourth fastest time and well done Fiona Booth, first timer – only caught out by #12 being on south side of hedge.
I think adding the BGH Residency area gave an extra twist to the Darnick map – switching between urban, parkland and campus added to the test. Although not technically difficult, there was some route choice, and short legs can be trickier than they look: Ian took nearly 200% of fastest split on #8 to #9, but still won!
Thanks everyone for coming and hope you all enjoyed the evening, see you at Hawick next week.



Gordon Community Woodland 9/11/19

Results from the event are HERE

Thanks to everyone who turned out to support this event on a beautiful but cold November afternoon.

I had two things in mind when I started planning the event.  The first was to try to do something different with the Yellow and Orange courses, which tend to follow the same lines dictated by course length and the available path network. The other was to make the most of Lindsey’s recent additions to the map, which included a wealth of new boulder detail, some significant fallen trees, and better mapping of vegetation, in areas which had previously been devoid of any detail whatsoever.

A ”remote” start along the minor road north of the cabin added a bit of interest and extra length to Yellow and Orange, and also allowed me to take runners on the Light Green course into the lesser used area above the road in search of one of the many new boulders. 

Looking at the results, the Light Green was possibly a bit on the long side, with the vegetation and conditions underfoot proving quite challenging away from the main paths. On the other hand, enthusiastic feedback from new/ inexperienced orienteers on the Orange and Yellow courses meant that those courses were well pitched.

Thanks are due to Gordon Community Woodland Trust for access and use of the cabin, and of course to all those who helped, especially Lindsey Knox for acting as Controller and providing the map revisions, Robin Sloan for running registration and download, Rob Cranston for help with setting out the course and manning the Start, Cathy Rooney for additional help with Starts, and everyone who brought in controls at the end.

Eb Rooney


Mapper note: For anyone who didn’t get there, here’s the new improved map and I didn’t get it finished in time so there could be more boulders for the next event ! Map HERE