Teviothead – Autumn Series No. 1

11/09/2021 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
John Tullie

The first event of the autumn will be at Teviothead on Saturday 11 September 2021.

Car park:  Parking on the old road, off the A7 at Teviothead, just south of the road into the village hall, the one we usually use.    Map here

Entries:  Pre-entry only, no entry on the day.  Entries are now closed.  Please pay by contactless card on the day, or by BACS.  Seniors £4, Juniors £2.

Courses:  Orange 1.8km/80m climb and Green 4.5km/180m climb. 

Start:  500m from car parking initially along the old road, 20m climb.  There may be very light traffic on this side road, take care walking to the Start.  Clothing can be left at the Start which will be transported back to Registration after the last start.

Finish: is near car parking.

Map:  at 1:10,000 scale.  A4 size on waterproof paper. Mainly on The Binks part of the map, a new area for a lot of people.  Open grazed hillside, mainly fast running.

Facilities:  None. 

Entry fees:  Members – £4 for seniors, £2 for juniors.  Non-members – £4.50 and £2.50.  Payable in advance by BACS or on the day by contactless card, no cash.

Timing:  Sportident contactless punching.  Older dibbers need “dibbed” as normal but please avoid touching the Si units if possible. 

Start/Finish procedure:  4 start blocks with plenty of time for competitors to spread out.  For SIAC dibbers, manually punch the Start and Finish but all the controls are contactless.  After punching the Finish make your way promptly to the Download car.  After downloading you are then technically out of the “field of play” and subject to the current Scottish Government Covid regulations rather than Scottish Orienteering regulations but we still discourage gathering in close groups. 

Safety:  The terrain includes rough ground, steep slopes, ditches, streams, fences, small crags, marshes – all common to open moorland.  Please wear suitable footwear and wear appropriate clothing – the forecast at the moment is for cloudy plus maybe light rain.   In the event of very et/cold conditions you may be required to carry a waterproof jacket.  Anyone with medical conditions which we should know about can leave a sealed envelope with the details at Registration and collect it later once they download.

Covid: You are reminded that you must not attend the event if you have any Covid symptoms or anyone in your household has any symptoms or is isolating.  We will have hand sanitiser available at Registration.  The 1m rule still applies in Scotland, both on your course and in the registration/car parking area.

Results:  We will not be displaying printed results but live results will be available online at:  rr-live2.droppages.com

Planner/Organiser:  John Tullie

Timing/On-the-day Covid officer/First Aid:  Lindsey Knox