Sprint Series 6 (finale) – Hawick

31/05/2017 @ 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
Lindsey Knox
01450 377383

Sprint Series 6 will be in Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick

One sprint course of Orange standard plus a Yellow.

Start:  Is about 500m from the Hall.  Finish is close to the Start.  Registration and Download are at the Hall.

Terrain:  Fairly fast parkland.  Studded shoes not recommended.

Safety:  The routes to the Start and back from the Finish cross a quiet minor road – parents should make sure their children are either capable of crossing safely or are accompanied.  You may run along the edge of this minor road during your competitive Sprint run but there is no need to cross it.  All courses go near the Museum and there’s a small chance you may encounter cars going to or from the 2 disabled parking bays.  The Yellow course is contained totally within the park.  Some paths have tree roots or uneven flagstones, and some stairs have wire mesh on them – take care.  The river and streams on the map have a black line along the edge meaning they must not be crossed.

Out of Bounds:  Work continues on the new cafe, footbridge and parking area.  You must observe the Out of Bounds areas, although these generally have a high fence round them anyway.  You must not run across gardens areas – a black line indicates areas which must definitely not be crossed but there may be others that sprout between the maps being printed and the day of the event.  Use your common sense please.

Terrain:  Fairly fast parkland.  Studded shoes not recommended.

Wilton Dean Hall has been booked from 5:45pm for parking, registration, toilets etc.  Prizegiving and a bit of a social after the run.  Chucking out time is 8:15pm.