Sprint Series 6 (finale) – Jedburgh

20/05/2015 @ 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Ian and Kirstin Maxwell

Last in a series of 6 on Wednesday evenings – Short courses of Orange technical standard.  One course for all, short distances between controls, so a good exercise in quick thinking.

Venue         Jedburgh Town Centre
Format:      1 sprint course (approx. 2km in length) and will be suitable for under 16s
Register:     from 6:15-6:45pm with starts from 6:30-7pm (with courses closing at 7:30pm).
Parking:  Parking will be in the area just to the east of the Sports Centre.
Turn left at the Fire Station then first right, park on this street or in the open area round behind the Fire Station.
Walk back out and round the Sports Centre and enter by the main door on the west side.
Please do not use any of the School car parks.

There will be a quarantine area in the Sports Centre and you should be inside the building by 6.15 (to let me put the last of the controls out!) and will not be allowed back out until after your run.
Bring some snacks or drinks to share if possible as we have a room inside until 8.00 pm and can have something to eat before the series prizegiving.

Entry fee    £2
Scoring:      6 events, with best 4 scores counting in the series. The winner of each race will get30points, 29 for 2nd and so on. (If there are more than 30 people everyone below 30th place will receive 1 point).
Planners   Ian and Kirstin Maxwell.
Series prizes will be awarded (club members eligible for prizes but everyone welcome).  We have booked a room in the games hall for the evening so that we can have a get-together for the prizegiving and some food/drink (contributions please).