Jedburgh Sprint Results

Jedburgh Abbey formed the backdrop for registration and download as Ian Maxwell gave us an enjoyable challenge on the pavements and footpaths along side the Jed Water.

The full results are HERE

It was a good night for the Heger family with Marc just pipping Patrick for the top spot by 12 seconds.

There were lots of younger members and guests today. Pride of place goes to Elspeth Sloan running as a W4 and impressing her World Master grandad with an excellent time for her age.

At least one of the local residents forgot their local knowledge around the swimming pool and ended up on the wrong side of the A68 when looking for control number 7.

The League table below is based on taking the aggregate of the best two results from three. I think this gives a more accurate view of potential final standings than adding all three scores together. Focusing on the best two keeps Ian Maxwell in the lead, just ahead of Marc and Patrick.

You can enlarge the table by clicking on it.

Next week’s event is at Selkirk Hill, planned by Fiona Johnston – park at the Argus Centre. Start times are from 6pm as usual.

Hirsel Sprint Results – including League Table

This is just a short post to show the results. More material will follow later along with the up-to-date League Table after two events.

The full results are HERE

The League table after two events is shown below:

To enlarge the table, just click on it

The table will change next week as Ian is organising and we will move onto three counting events. Until we get to week 5, the table is based on the sum of all your ,points so far. From week 5 onwards we will just take your best four scores.

The next event is in the urban environment of Jedburgh next Wednesday with the first start at 6pm. More details are elsewhere on the website.

World Champion for RR

Robin Sloan is the new M70 World Champion after a thrilling Long Distance Race in a damp Woodhill Forest, near Auckland.  After two qualifying races Robin was seeded 8th in the final and managed to keep his head while the 7 seeded above him lost their’s.  Robin took the lead towards the end of the course and finished 10 seconds in front of the silver medalist. The result made up for a slightly disappointing Sprint Final when he missed a medal by a mere 3 seconds.  Well done Robin. The photo below is of the three GB medalists – David May M70 Silver, Robin, Nick Barrable M40 Silver.

Of the other 3 Reivers ?   All 3 were reasonably happy with their Sprint races before things got much more tricky in the forested sandunes of the long distance races.  Douglas didn’t travel to the Final due to a very sore back, Rob got his monies worth in the tricky terrain, and Lindsey managed to qualify for the A Final despite a turned ankle but an upset stomach in the Final scuppered her run. 

The whole World Masters experience was great (despite the problems mentioned above).  Douglas organised a group meal one night which involved a ferry across Auckland Bay.  The sprint qualification race was extremely tricky, the sprint final was less tricky until a sting in the tail on different levels, all three long races were in lovely undulating and runnable woodland – the danger was running too fast.  We all had different goals and in the main we weren’t too far off those.  After a week of glorious sunny weather we were unfortunate to have rain for the Final day.

Copenhagen in July 2018 !



Bowmont Sprint Results

Congratulations to everyone who ran at Bowmont yesterday evening in ther first Sprint of the 2017 Wednesday evening.

Thanks to Pauline for planning interesting and challenging courses.

The full results are HERE

The next event is in the rhododendrons of The Hirsel next Wednesday with the first start at 6pm. More details are elsewhere on the website.

After one race the Series positions look like this:

Click on the table to enlarge it

Eildons SoSOL – results


Provisional results are HERE

Winsplits are HERE

Routegadget is HERE

Photos below

Lost property:   A pair of white Pringle socks were found at the event. Claim from John Tullie:

Planner’s Report:

A couple of key decisions drove most of the rest of the course planning (a) I wanted to use some different parts of the hill, and have a start/finish/parking area that was weather resilient (not that we needed it today!), (b) I wanted everyone to have an ‘open hill’ experience as well as legs in the forest (which has got more pleasant in recent years), and (c) it’s not an especially technical area, so I tried to force route choice decisions.

The resulted in the ‘right across the map’ leg that was on Blue and Brown (post-race, no two people told me they’d gone the same way!), and ‘over-or-round’ options for most other courses. In hindsight, I’m not sure that was a good idea for Short Green – sorry. I also know that many of you found it pretty physical – the gorse and heather are on the march on Eildon due to lack of grazing.

I hope you enjoyed the challenge, hilltop views, and the sunshine we laid on for you.

Paul McGreal RR