Bowmont, Club Champs 2018 and Score/ Yellow

The full results of today’s event at Bowmont are HERE and the Club Championships, taking into account the handicap, are below.  The big turnout was good to see, and I hope you all enjoyed your runs. Well done to Ellie on taking the trophy, and also well done to Catherine who just missed out on a podium place by 1 second.  I think this was both girls first score-type event and they fared better than some adults, but no names mentioned !

The forest is undergoing a large thinning programme and will only get better with age.  The older ones among you will already see an improvement on previous years.

Lindsey (Organiser/Planner)

PositionName and target scoreCategoryActual ScoreCourse
1Ellie Darlow 10W1210Champs00:25:54
2John Tullie 17M6017Champs00:27:57
3Ian Maxwell 17M5517Champs00:29:25
4Catherine Baker 10W1410Champs00:29:26
5Rachel Sullivan 16W4016Champs00:30:51
6Keith Murray 16M5516Champs00:31:13
7Judith Purves 11W4511Champs00:31:54
8Sam McKinnon 16M1816Champs00:32:00
9Kirstin Maxwell 18W2118Champs00:33:22
10Susan Shiell 9W659Champs00:33:42
11Lynne Bogle 12W5012Champs00:34:07
12Robin Sloan 15M7015Champs00:35:08
13Duncan Shiell 11M7011Champs00:35:15
14Barry Veitch 16M4516Champs00:35:17
15Paul McGreal 16M4516Champs00:36:20
16Eileen Maxwell 14W5514Champs00:36:33
17Cathy Rooney 12W5512Champs00:36:53
18Robert Cranston 15M5015Champs00:37:03
19Kate Grimsditch 10W4010Champs00:38:31
20Eb Rooney 16M5516Champs00:38:34
21Fiona Johnston 11W5511Champs00:42:44
22James Purves 15M6015Champs00:50:08
23Mike Johnston 16M4516Champs00:50:30
dnfTim Darlow 16M4015Champs00:33:531 short
dnfGed Smith 12M557Champs01:10:53A few short

Vertish Hill, Hawick (and Christmas meal)

The results from todays event at the Vertish Hill in Hawick are HERE

A slightly lower turnout for this year’s December event on the Vertish Hill in Hawick but thanks to all who came along and I hope you enjoyed it. The frosty conditions over the previous week meant the ground was pretty hard and the overnight rain probably made things slippier but thankfully no casualties were reported for all our new first aiders.

While not the most technical area there is lots of good running over the fairways and I tried to get a bit of route choice into the legs so it was encouraging to see the first three starters on Light Green all heading in different directions. Don’t know which routes Ian Maxwell took but he emerged a clear winner in a time of 24:12, with John Tullie and new member Rachel Sullivan completing the podium. Kate Grimsditch was fastest round the Orange course.

Thanks to Lindsey for all her help with the map, putting out controls, registration and results and also to Ian, John, Rob, Robin, James, Eileen and Kate for getting the controls in. Finally, many thanks to Nick and Jackie at Hawick Golf Club for use of the course and putting on an excellent meal for our Christmas dinner.


Selkirk Hill Night-o 29/11/17

Results of this evenings event at Selkirk Hill are HERE

Many thanks everyone for your support of our trial mini-series of Night-O events – an impressive turnout of club members on all three nights, which very definitely made it all worthwhile. I gather there hadn’t been much RR Night-O activity for a while – I’ve always loved night navigation and the slightly different skills that are required, so was happy (with Robin) to have a crack at changing  that. 

Hopefully we got the technical level about right (seems that way on the basis of the very low DNF rate?), that it was enjoyable, and we used some areas that have become familiar in a different way.

At Bowhill I was aiming for a fairly gentle introduction – always a path option (sometimes more than 1), but not necessarily the quickest choice, and tried to tempt you into considering ‘straight-lining’ some controls. I also was hoping to test your compass and pacing skills 😊. It was amazing how an area that I’ve been round many times took on a new dimension in the dark, and that relocation once map contact had been lost was pretty tricky (all those path junctions to choose from!).

Selkirk Hill was an attempt to step things up a notch in technical terms – I make no apologies for taking you through the lumpy bit twice!. Counting path junctions and pacing were critical I imagine, and I suspect taking it slowly and carefully may have actually been quicker?. It seems that the leg 8-9 created a few issues though, with some ending up on the wrong side of the old curling pond and pretty much off the map and on the golf course!.

 I hope everyone enjoyed the chance of a bit of local Night-O. Shall we do it again next year?.


Paul McGreal

Gala Policies Night-o 22/11/17

Results from this evenings night-o in Gala Policies are HERE.

Thanks to Robin for the nice new map and for the planning/organising.

Organiser’s Report:

Thanks to all those who came to the Gala Policies Night Event, you made the mapper/organiser’s efforts worthwhile. It must have been tempting just to draw the curtains on the rain and spend the evening with a good book – but although it was wet, fortunately wasn’t too cold. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the course on a ‘new’ area. Rob reckoned it’s 23 years since Gala Policies were last used for orienteering, that event being spoiled by vandalism in the days before gripples.

Well done John for the fastest time, with Barry and Mike not far behind – they’ve clearly got night orienteering sussed! But everyone deserves credit for braving the elements and finishing the course. Thanks to Paul for help and equipment, to Pauline, John and Rob for bringing in controls, and to Lindsey for sorting the computing glitch.

See you at Selkirk Hill for the third night event next week!


Selkirk Hill 18/11/17 results

The results from todays event at Selkirk Hill are HERE

Organiser’s / Planner’s report – Selkirk Hill, 18 November 2017

Thanks to everyone who came along to Selkirk Hill this weekend for the third event in our Autumn Series. It was good to see so many runners and especially families on such a cold day. I hope you all enjoyed your runs.

Robin had warned me early on that the map might need some revision, so my first few planning visits were spent checking paths and vegetation and noting the changes. The vegetation in particular turned out to be something of a moving target, as the hill management committee and local residents have been doing some impressive clearance work on the gorse and bramble which has been steadily taking over the hill.

The main challenge in planning the Yellow course was the profusion of paths, which required careful siting of controls to avoid having too many decision points close together. For Orange, I tried to give an element of route choice as well as the opportunity to go ‘off piste’ occasionally. I struggled a little with the Light Green course as it seemed difficult to find new challenges in such a small and (for many) such a familiar area, so I was pleased to see that control 102 – which had to be visited twice, from different directions – managed to get a few people scratching their heads on both visits.

Thanks to Robin as Controller for very welcome advice on course planning, and for updating the map in a number of areas, Rob for help with setting out the courses, Lindsey for programming the electronics and running registration/download, Cathy for manning the start/finish area, and Judith, Sam, Lindsey, Cathy and (glutton for punishment!) Rob again for bringing in the controls.