Night 2 – Gala Policies @ Gala Policies, Galashiels
Nov 14 @ 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Night event  2 is at Gala Policies, Galashiels.

Parking signed from the entrance to Gala Academy, Elm Row, Galashiels TD1 3JG

Registration: carry along the drive to the school, shortly turning left to the car park at the Science block. Registration, open by 6.15, Start and Finish will all be in this area. 

Toilets available in Tesco or Asda before you arrive.

Terrain: Much of Gala Policies is runnable woodland with a good network of paths. As most of the trees are deciduous, paths can be hard to see at this time of year because of fallen leaves. The main paths are popular with dog walkers even after dark, so beware.
The Policies, with the Scott Park, surround Gala Academy. To the north and east are well lit streets, to the south the area is bounded by Hollybush Road and to the west are open fields. There are several streams and a pond, and some possibly slippery boardwalks, all of which should be treated with respect by runners.

Starts: From 6:30 – 7pm. Courses close at 7.45pm so come early if you think you might take a long time.

Courses: One course of about Orange standard, 2.2km and a little climbing.

Costs: Senior members £3.50, Juniors £1.50. Non members £4 and £2. Families a maximum of £8. Bringing the correct money would be helpful.

Equipment: A head torch is better than a hand-held one. Carry spare batteries in a pocket.

Night 3 – Selkirk Hill @ Selkirk Hill, Selkirk
Nov 21 @ 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Night event 3 (and the last one) is at Selkirk Hill.  Saving the best until last maybe, but you’ll have had some practice by now.

Parking/Registration/Toilets at the Argus Centre, Goslawdales, Selkirk (near the High School).

Starts: 6:30 – 7pm

Entry fees:  Senior members £3.50, Junior members £1.50.  Non-members £4 and £2.

Equipment: Make sure you bring a spare torch in a pocket.  Under 16’s to be accompanied by an adults.

Social/Prizegiving:  There will be a short social and prizegiving afterwards.

Scottish Score Championships – Elibank @ Elibank Forest, near Walkerburn
Nov 25 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Final details @ 19/11/2018.  Amended 24//11/2018

***     Start Times are HERE

Scottish Score Championships

Elibank Forest

Sunday 25 November 2018

Travel:  Entry to the forest is at grid reference NT403 362. The event will be signposted from the A72 in Walkerburn.  The entrance to the forest is 3.2 miles from Walkerburn.

Parking:Parking is on forest tracks near the Assembly area/Registration.  Parking is limited, please car share if you can. Please email the organiser if you are travelling by mini-bus or campervan. Traffic in and out is on the same forest track with very few passing places so you must arrive at the entrance to the forest no later than 12:20 and cannot exit before 12:30.

Toilets:Very limited.  Near Assembly.  There are public toilets at Innerleithen en route to the event (30p)

Assembly/ Registration:At the field archery area. Registration opens from 10:15am


  • EOD Seniors £11 while maps are available
  • EOD Juniors/Student £6 while maps are available
  • Orange £5 for all dates, while maps are available.

Online entries closed at midnight on Sunday 18 November 2018, only EOD now available.

Maps available for EOD:  5 x 70 minute, 14 x 60 minute, 5 x 40 minute, 1 x Orange.

Start: Walk of 200m uphill from the Assembly area. About 5 minutes.  Call up at -3 minutes.  Loose control descriptions available at start.  Punching starts.

Starts from 11am to 1pm.  Allocated start times for all 60 and 70 minute competitors apart from helpers and parents with split starts.

Loose control descriptions size:

The Orange control descriptions are 9cm long, 40-minute 13cm long, 60-minute 18.5cm and 70-minute 16.5cm (the latter in a smaller font but easily readable for young eyes ! )

Finish: Close to the Start.  There will be a walk of 200m downhill back to the Assembly area. Remember to download.  Courses close at 2:20pm.

Timing:   Contactless Sportident timing will be used (SIAC).   A limited number of SIAC dibbers available for hire at a cost of £2.50 (£60 charge if lost).  Non-SIAC dibbers also available at no hire cost (£30 charge if lost).

SIAC dibbers:  Important – the Start and Finish need dibbed as normal, they aren’t SIAC-enabled.



Course Classes Points available
70 minute time limit M20-35 and W21 670
60 minute time limit M/W16, M/W18, W20, W35+, M/ W 40+ 560
40 minute time limit M/W14- 350

If you finish outwith your time limit a penalty will be deducted from your score of 1 point for every 5 seconds late (i.e. 12 points per minute).

Standard Orange course also available.

Sorry, no string course.


Elibank is a hilly mixture of mature coniferous and beech forest with areas of contour detail and varied runnability.  The bracken is dying back but unless we get a cold or wet spell this week it’s going to slow you down in places. Be aware that there are many unmapped extraction lanes in places, some bits of windblow, and there are a couple of areas which must be avoided due to ongoing thinning.  You must also avoid the public road and the out of bounds area marked around the house near the ruined castle. Mountain bike tracks that were obvious on 16 November have been mapped but be alert to new ones that won’t be mapped.

Map:  1:10,000 with 5m contours, ISOM 2017.  Waterproof paper.  Maps will show control number and points value e.g.  101 (20). Control descriptions are in numerical order.


Some routes may cross the forest road where cars are parked, runners must be wary when emerging from the forest onto the track. Drivers please proceed slowly and carefully.

Elibank is a working forest and there may be timber stacked at certain places in the forest. Please do not climb on these.

Ticks- please check for these after your run.

The forest is sheltered but if the weather is very poor waterproof tops may be required to be carried.

During your run you may encounter a few other forest users, such as walkers and mountain-bikers.

If you are travelling alone you can leave your car keys with registration.

Prize-giving: There will be a prize-giving at around 2:15 pm in the Assembly Area.  If you have a trophy to return please bring to the registration area.





Christmas event and meal – Lanton @ Lanton, near Jedburgh
Dec 15 @ 11:30 am – 12:00 pm
The Christmas event will be at Lanton Wood on Saturday 15 December 2018, followed by the Christmas meal (at 1:30 pm at the Caddy Mann).  Members should have given Andrew their order by now)
The main event will be a 40 minute Score format with starts between 11:30 and 12 . There will also be a conventional Yellow course available.
Vehicle access to the wood will be by a good quality track, signposted from the A698 close to Timpendean Farm.
Entry fees: Senior members £3.50, Junior members £1.50, Non members £4/£2. 
Boxing Day Social – Wilton Park Hawick @ Wilton Park, Hawick
Dec 26 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Our annual Boxing Day orienteering fun activity and social.  Sam and James are planning this year.

Wilton Dean Hall in Hawick will be open from 11 am

Mass start at 11:30.   The exact format will remain a mystery until the day but the first part is a 30 minute Score.   No entry fee but please bring some food for the communal buffet.  Also bring your Si dibber and compass if you have them.

Venue on Streetmap HERE

Local event/Club Championships/AGM/Social – Tweedbank @ The Barns, Tweedbank
Jan 12 @ 11:15 am – 11:15 am

PDF version here:       Event Info v3

January 12th 2019
RR Club Championships and Local Event
Tweedbank, Galashiels

Please read these notes fully, as there is important information about the event, especially regarding juniors.

Tweedbank is an Urban area, but has lots of parkland so be prepared for controls in areas rough underfoot – which may be muddy – so wear appropriate shoes.

Parking is in Tweedbank near the Community Centre, which is here. There is a very small car park at the Centre, otherwise please park responsibly on Essenside Drive. Post Code is TD1 3RT.

Registration and SI card hire is at the Tweedbank Community Centre. Clothing dump and toilets available and will be open from 10.45.

Entry fees:
Senior members £3.50, Juniors £1.50. Non-members £4 and £2. Families a maximum of £8.

Yellow course is quite short, but has a steep climb. Suitable for juniors under 12 years, and those who want an easy course.

Massed Start Handicap Score Everyone starts at the same time, but the number of controls to be visited depends on your handicap, see list below. For RR club members, this is the Club Championships, but anyone else is welcome to take part. If you are not an RR member, please let me know you are coming so there will be enough maps and we can allocate a handicap number. The winner will be the fastest to return to the finish having visited the correct number of controls.

The version of the map we are using is ISOM 2010 and is at a scale of 1:5000. As this is a smaller scale than usually used for a technical area, very few controls have been set in the complex housing areas.

Being an urban area, there will be road crossings. BOF Guidelines state that M/W 16s and below will not be able to cross “roads with significant traffic”, but it has been agreed that most roads in Tweedbank are “roads with traffic management which induce slow speeds”. Therefore we WILL accept entries for the Massed Start event from juniors who have reached their 12th birthday on the day. However, to conform to these guidelines, the main bus route which runs through the middle of Tweedbank must be crossed only at the underpass by ALL competitors. The underpass will be marked on the map as a “crossing point”. The main roads themselves are out-of-bounds and marked with red crosses on the map, but you may run along the pavements beside them.

To assist in planning your route, the Start is on this eastern side of the bus route where there are 9 controls and there will be 10 controls to the west of the bus route where the Finish is. The controls have no points values as in a Score event and you may choose any controls from either east or west to make up your total.

Make sure you double check that you have visited the correct number of controls before heading to the finish!

Note about Yellow Course
Juniors under 12 years old will be able to do this course, but parents should note that the course will cross two cul-de-sac roads on the School Route, where there are traffic islands. The route also follows paths close to Tweedbank Loch. The Yellow course will include the Underpass mentioned above under the main bus route. If parents are unsure about older juniors doing the Score, they should enter the Yellow course.

Please make sure you are registered and ready to walk to the start as a group at 11.15. The Massed Start event will start at 11.30, with the Yellow course immediately after, but there will be a 400m walk for all competitors which involve crossing the bus road. This crossing will be marshalled, but parents please take responsibility for your children’s safe crossing of the road.

The finish will not be near the start, but back nearer to the Community Centre. Please remember, that even if you do not do the correct number of controls, you must punch the Finish unit.

Courses will close at 12.45 to allow the RR AGM to take place at the Community Centre.

These are the number of controls you must visit, but if your name is not there, please contact me at

Number of controls to be visited
17 Kirstin Maxwell
16 John Tullie
16 Ian Maxwell
16 Tim Darlow
16 Sam McKinnon
16 Mike Johnston
16 Paul McGreal
16 Rachel Sullivan
16 Barry Veitch
16 Keith Murray
15 Sarah McAdam
15 Edmund Rooney
15 Fiona Forrest
15 Quin Arthur
15 Ken Horne
15 Karen Maxwell
14 Kate Darlow
14 James Purves
14 Andrew Armstrong
14 Craig Scott
13 Lindsey Knox
13 Eileen Maxwell
13 Douglas Henderson
13 Pauline McAdam
12 Catherine Rooney
12 Lynne Bogle
12 Max Arthur
11 William Bruce
11 Fiona Johnston
11 Bridget Khursheed
11 Judith Purves
11 Duncan Shiell
11 Ged Smith
11 Ellie Darlow
11 Wils Wilson
11 Anne Campbell
10 David Patterson
10 Catherine Baker
10 Kate Grimsditch
9 Robert Cranston
9 Susan Shiell

Roxburgh Reivers AGM

Immediately following the Event, the Roxburgh Reivers AGM will take place at Tweedbank Community Centre. As soon as you have recovered from your run, please make your way to the Barns. For eats before the meeting, there are kitchen facilities and hot water.

Organiser: Robin Sloan, 01896822548 or 07773599807