Sprint Series 5 – Melrose town (and World Orienteering Day) @ Melrose Town Centre
May 24 @ 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Sprint Series 5 will be an urban race in Melrose, straight line 2.6km. There will ALSO now be a Yellow course of 1.5km.

Parking will be beside the rugby pitch on the Annay Road, just west of First for Fencing.

From the east, leave the A6091 signed to Newstead, follow the B6361 through the narrow village, bearing right at a fork.  After 1km, turn right for parking just before the end of the long straight.

From the west, at the Melrose roundabout, follow signs for Gattonside and Melrose, ignore turns to Gattonside and to Darnick, continue to Melrose. Follow the one way system which starts just past the Greenyards, and turn left at a T junction beside the Abbey car park. The road is narrow, then bends sharply to right, parking is then just on the left.

There is hard standing, and if possible, please avoid parking on the grass.

The courses are on typically urban terrain, with some steep grass banks, and muddy footpaths if wet. Off the paths, undergrowth has grown vigorously in the last week. Some of the streets have no pavement, so please take care. You might also encounter a few sharp corners round buildings, so again please anticipate the possibility of pedestrians coming the other way.

Rugby and cricket pitches have been marked out of bounds. Please do not take shortcuts across these, as the groundsmen would not be pleased!

Note: the Yellow course is not entirely traffic free. There is a short section on a very quiet road with no pavement, and also a short section on another road where the pavement stops for about 60m, before the route leaves the road.

It’s also World Orienteering Day on the 24th so we’ve registered our event as part of the world record attempt for the number of people orienteering on the same day.




Sprint Series 6 (finale) – Hawick
May 31 @ 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Sprint Series 6 will be in Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick

One sprint course of Orange standard plus a Yellow.

Safety:  The routes to the Start and back from the Finish cross a quiet minor road – parents should make sure their children are either capable of crossing safely or are accompanied.  You may run along the edge of this minor road during your competitive Sprint run but there is no need to cross it.  The Yellow course is contained totally within the park.

Start:  Is about 200m from the Hall.  Finish is slightly further.

Out of Bounds:  Work continues on the new cafe, footbridge and parking area.  You must observe the Out of Bounds areas, although these generally have a high fence round them.  You must not run across gardens areas – a black line indicates areas which must definitely not be crossed but there may be others that sprout between the maps being printed and the day of the event.  Use your common sense please.

Wiltondean Hall has been booked from 5:45pm for parking, registration, toilets etc.  Prizegiving and a bit of a social after the run.  Chucking out time is 8:15pm.