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Selkirk Hill 18/11/17 results

The results from todays event at Selkirk Hill are HERE

Organiser’s / Planner’s report – Selkirk Hill, 18 November 2017

Thanks to everyone who came along to Selkirk Hill this weekend for the third event in our Autumn Series. It was good to see so many runners and especially families on such a cold day. I hope you all enjoyed your runs.

Robin had warned me early on that the map might need some revision, so my first few planning visits were spent checking paths and vegetation and noting the changes. The vegetation in particular turned out to be something of a moving target, as the hill management committee and local residents have been doing some impressive clearance work on the gorse and bramble which has been steadily taking over the hill.

The main challenge in planning the Yellow course was the profusion of paths, which required careful siting of controls to avoid having too many decision points close together. For Orange, I tried to give an element of route choice as well as the opportunity to go ‘off piste’ occasionally. I struggled a little with the Light Green course as it seemed difficult to find new challenges in such a small and (for many) such a familiar area, so I was pleased to see that control 102 – which had to be visited twice, from different directions – managed to get a few people scratching their heads on both visits.

Thanks to Robin as Controller for very welcome advice on course planning, and for updating the map in a number of areas, Rob for help with setting out the courses, Lindsey for programming the electronics and running registration/download, Cathy for manning the start/finish area, and Judith, Sam, Lindsey, Cathy and (glutton for punishment!) Rob again for bringing in the controls.


Bowhill 21/10/17 results

Results from todays event at Bowhill are HERE

I do hope that everyone enjoyed their runs.

When planning the courses it was clear that it is probably time to re-survey quite a bit of the area – vegetation in particular has changed somewhat with various areas much more runnable than indicated and in others rhododendron thickets are completely unmarked. For the most part I chose to avoid areas where this was the case. You’ll perhaps be relieved to know that I ditched my original plan to do something different from normal and take you up the steep hill to the north of Bowhill House. I did at least position controls 9 and 10 on the Light Green course in a small area that I’m not aware we’ve used for this kind of event.

I’d like to thank Bowhill Ranger Rory Powell for permission to run the event, and to Rob in particular for his help in putting out some controls before the 1pm rush.

Andrew (Planner/Organiser)

Autumn Series 1- Gordon Community Woodland

Thank you  to all those who came along to Gordon Community Woodland.  I hope you enjoyed your run.   It was good to see a few new faces and also visitors from over the border.

I enjoyed my planning trips to the woodland leading up to the event.   The flat ground and network of paths make Gordon a good area for newcomers to orienteering.  From an organisers perspective the hut is ideal too,  providing a focal point as well as warmth and shelter for registration and download.

In the wooded areas the visibility and runability are very much evolving as the plantation  becomes more mature .  I would like to thank Robin & Lindsey for their work making alterations to the map which reflect the changes.

There is good running on the paths and tracks around the plantation  but off the paths there are areas of really tough going.  On the Light Green  I tried to plan legs which offered route choice but also wanted to give the opportunity to run across some of the better ground .  Well done to Sam for leading the way on this course.

As usual,  the on the day organisation was a team effort with Robin helping to place controls and Lindsey running the computer side.   Post-run, Robin, Paul, Sam & James collected in controls, while  Max & Lindsey helped tidy up. Thank you.   See you at Bowhill in October.

Hawick Sprint results

The results from the final sprint of the series is HERE

Thanks to everyone for making the series another success, and we had some cracking weather for the last 2 events.  Pity no Yellow competitors turned up though.Thanks to Rob for manning the Start and to Pauline, Keith and John for collecting in the controls for me.

Well done to Ian on another series win. Continue reading