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Gala Policies results

Gala Policies Results

The results can be seen here

Thanks to Fiona for organising an enjoyable event.

Congratulations to Mike Johnston and Seb Darlow who won the Sprint and the Yellow courses respectively. Unfortunately Ian didn’t manage to fix it so he won!

Next event will be at Jedburgh Grammar School next Wednesday evening.

Latest Standings can be seen here

Results from Gordon 15/5/18

Results from this evenings event at Gordon are HERE

The glitch with the start times prior to 6pm is partially solved but I’ll not bore you with the partial details !  Suffice to know that the results are now correct.

Planner/Organisers Report:

Thanks to everyone who came along to this evening’s Sprint in Gordon Community Woodland. It was great to see some guest runners as well as the usual faces, and I hope you all enjoyed your runs.

This was my first time planning for a sprint format, and my first time planning at Gordon, so it was something of a learning journey. I opted for a sprint course which gave lots of changes of direction with some degree of route choice (round by the path or straight through the grotty forest…), and a small “butterfly” loop thrown in for good measure. It seems to have worked, with plenty of variation in the routes people took and some discussion afterwards.

Control 13 on the sprint proved unlucky for some – a combination of a slightly outdated map and a planner who can’t tell one boulder from another! Apologies to those who had problems here…

Congratulations to Nick Barrable, who won the Sprint in an impressively short time of 13:03, and to Seb Darlow who completed a faultless Yellow course in 18:40.

Thanks to all those who helped, especially Robin Sloan who acted as Controller and provided copious planning advice, Duncan Shiell for running registration and download, Susan Shiell for manning the start and helping with setting up, and all those who collected controls afterwards.



Heronhill Results

A new area for orienteering this evening. Thanks to everyone involved in the planning and organisation.

Congratulations to Ian Maxwell on his win in the sprint race and congratulations also to Max Ferguson and Isla Mcpherson on a closely fought Yellow race

John Tullie has asked to be treated as non-competitive runner, but his performance is till included for comparative purposes.

The results can be found here

The next event will be at Gordon next Tuesday.

Hirsel results 1/5/18

The results of this evenings event at The Hirsel are below.  I still need to see why the timing went wonky for some people but it appears that at 6pm the timing somewhere changed from 18:00 to 6:00 giving an 11 hour minus time for those affected. Still to be investigated so that it doesn’t happen again.  You may or may not see splits, depending on how I get on. 

1Ian MaxwellM55RRSprint00:17:33
2Barry VeitchM45RRSprint00:18:07
3Paul McGrealM45RRSprint00:20:49
4Andrew ArmstrongM60RRSprint00:21:44
5Tim DarlowM40RRSprint00:21:55
6Mike JohnstonM45RRSprint00:22:08
7Lindsey KnoxW55RRSprint00:23:15
8Pauline McAdamW60RRSprint00:26:04
9Kate DarlowW40RRSprint00:26:59
10Robert CranstonM50RRSprint00:27:52
11Ellie DarlowW12RRSprint00:28:45
12Fiona JohnstonW55RRSprint00:34:36
13Judith PurvesW45RRSprint00:40:20
14Ian StewartM45KelsoSprint00:58:37
15David PattersonM50RRSprint01:00:54
1Seb DarlowM8RRYellow +00:19:30
dnfGed SmithM55RRSprint00:58:00m4 m16

Next event is at Heronhill, Hawick.  Starts from 6 – 6:30pm as usual.  See the Events link for full details.


Bowmont results

The results from this evenings Sprint and Yellow are HERE

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Sprint. I’ve planned here on several occasions and decided to make the most of Lindsey’s remapping to take you to sites I’ve never used before. Starting on the west side of the road also allowed me to use a bit of forest that hasn’t been used for sprints before. It also lent itself nicely to producing a Yellow course that went through the Sprint area. Seb commented on seeing his dad several times on his way round. The view from the start area was quite spectacular but it was also bitterly cold due to being on the windy side of the forest.

As everyone on the Sprint course was warned I’d made the original course too long. However, some work with tippex, a black and a purple marker seemed to do the trick of removing two controls from the course. What I hadn’t expected was turning up to put out the controls on Wednesday afternoon to find tree-felling machines hard at work in two places right in the middle of my courses. Fortunately, they stopped work by 4.30 and I was able to get into the area and found that my control sites were still intact and able to be used.

Welcome to newcomers Max, Isla and Ian. Max and Isla enjoyed their yellow courses. Max chose to cut through the forest when he could while Isla sensibly stuck to the paths. It looks like we have some future orienteering talent here. Ian came along because he was keen to try orienteering. He was very much thrown in at the deep end with the map, the mystery of pictorial control descriptions and all to be managed while sprinting. I do hope he’ll come back!

Thank you to Lindsey for managing registration and bringing in controls. Thanks also to Rob for collecting controls. Finally, thanks to Catherine. I met her doing some compass work with Barry when I was checking controls sites and she gave me some useful help with control 104 on the yellow course – a future planner?

Next up is The Hirsel on 1 May.